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家校合作 共育英才——上师大附二外家委会报道


  2019年6月14日,我校举行了以“家校合作 共育英才”为主题的家委会会议。家委会分上午、下午两场举行,上午是小初部家委会,下午是高中部家委会。

  On June 14th, 2019, our school held a meeting of the parent committee with the theme of “Cultivate talents with cooperation between home and school”. The parent committee conference is held in two sessions. In the morning session, it is for primary and middle school and high school in the afternoon session.


  First of all, some of the leaders of the school report to the parents about the main especial work they have done in the 2018 school year: the international library of primary and middle school is basically completed, and will soon open to everyone; the immersive English teaching system is gradually getting perfect, the DEAR time (morning reading class), introducing English reading and stimulating students’ interest to English, has also achieved good results. Students are among the best in Shanghai and even the National English Competition. In teaching, we pay attention to the difference of each student and guidance for further studies.


  In view of the actual situation of the students, the high school has opened a minor foreign language (Japanese) class, art classes for college entrance examination, film and movie editing class for college entrance examination, in order to provide students with a variety of growth paths. The joint efforts of teachers and students also achieved great returns. Most of the students went to the university of their choice, and the school was also awarded the “most improved Private School in Pudong New Area in 2019”.


  Subsequently, the secretary of the school party read out the "Working Charter of the Parent Committee of the Second Foreign Language School affiliated to Shanghai Normal University (discussion draft)". From the regulation of the parent committee management, through the construction of the charter, clarify the duties, rights and obligations of the members of the family committee: collect other parents' opinions, organize the volunteer activities of the school, and supervise the quality of teaching. In the end, we will promote cooperation between home and school and work together to cultivate talents.


  Right after the speech comes the exciting discussion. Parents speak freely, talk highly of the school's achievements, and provide valuable suggestions and pertinent opinions on teaching, academic management, campus life, and student services. The parents of the primary and secondary school highly recognized the characteristic English teaching, which generally reflected that the language ability of the students was greatly improved. The high school parents praised the school for paying attention to the students' further study guidance and achieving more than expected. At the same time, the school strictly managed the students' life and work. All of those lay a good foundation for cultivating students with sound personality, independence and all-round development. 我校李莉校长在耐心的听完所有家长的心声后,她真诚地感谢家长的到来和对bt365网址敞开心扉。她说,她从家长的发言中,真切地感受到家长们对优质教育的尊敬和渴求,大家都在“虚心求道”,正是这种对教育的“低姿态和高要求”,反而显得大家“高素养”。各位家长身体力行,我们的老师带头示范,势必让我们培养的学生只会越发优秀。作为bt365网址,愿意和家长心连心、手牵手、共同促成把每一位学生培养成“双语双文化、有志有特长、面向世界的中国人。”

  After listening to the voices of all parents patiently, Principal Li Li of our school sincerely thanked the parents for their arrival and open heart to the school. She said that from the parents' speeches, she really felt their respect and eagerness for quality education. Everyone is seeking for better things with a humble attitude, it is the "modest heart and high requirements" for education that make everyone noble. Parents are doing their part, and our teachers take the lead in demonstrating that the students we train will only become more and more excellent. As a school, we are willing to work with parents and hand in hand to jointly promote each student into a "bilingual bicultural, ambitious and unique, worldwide visioned Chinese."


  This parent committee conference also distributed an anonymous survey to parents. One message from a certain parent verified that the conference was successfully held: Principal Li Li’s speech is like a warm breeze, gently blowing into our hearts!

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